Fort Susquehanna is the online home and fundraising arm of the Air Ground Combat Training Regiment, a WWII historical organization we help maintain. We sell items here, at our retail store in Thomasville PA, and at a few different venues during the year to fund our public educational efforts. We are in the process of creating a non-profit, public educational organization, and welcome outright donations. But we also encourage you to preserve your own history, purchase some of the historical items we have for sale here, and assist us in preserving memories of those people we cherish- our region’s heroes.

Fort Susquehanna is also my idea to make a page about the history of my neighbors, the people in my family, and the region I have been part of for most of my life. Here we will try to blend the story of military history in WWII with the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake Bay Region and Military Posts located here. We will portray the communities, towns, factories and geography that spawned modern facilities, and highlight and help to conserve some of the most idyllic, beautiful territory in the world. Thus, I am calling this place Fort Susquehanna.

There never was a formal Fort Susquehanna. There were several forts located on the Susquehanna River, and on the frontier between the river and Philadelphia. These forts and the river protected the nascent country known as the American Colonies, and today known as the United States of America. The river was not navigable much past the area near where Conowingo Dam sits today at the head of the Chesapeake Bay, but that did not stop an industrious, ingenious people from making the region passable. Beginning with footpaths and turnpikes, then canals, then railroads, and lastly our modern roads and airports, men and women of the region put their efforts into opening up this territory from the early colonial days until today. The story is a long one, but one worth looking at. Please enjoy our web home, and contact us if you have similar interests.

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